#5 Reconciliation of Opposites


Reconciliation of Opposites is the fifth studio album from Beat Mystik, exploring chilled progressive beats and liquid drum & bass.


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This album’s title track is named after a sophisticated ancient Egyptian spiritual principle which holds as much power in it’s understanding now as it did then. Before I explain this principle, it’s important to remember that religion is a system for worshiping God, whereas spirituality is a means for connecting within and elevating the frequency of one’s consciousness. They are VERY different perspectives. The Egyptian high priests were all-about spirituality and the evolution of consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians were a very symbolic people. Symbols often carry multiple levels of meaning and can represent something very different to each of the levels of consciousness that perceive them. For example, to the public majority the Egyptian gods were actual beings to be worshiped and appeased. Whereas to the adepts and initiates of the Mystery schools, the gods were understood to be characterful personifications of cosmic principles, acting as symbolic focal points to help one’s consciousness understand huge abstract perspectives that grant a deeper insight into oneself, our real identity, our place within the greater universe and our collective oneness.

The Egyptian principle that gave this album it’s title namesake was that light and dark were equal forces. That to find balance within one’s own life and spiritually evolve, an individual must first reconcile these two opposing forces within oneself. This light within us all is personified by Heru. He’s the falcon-headed character often seen in statue form and hieroglyphs who could also be called ‘Buddha consciousness’ or to the Christians ‘Christ consciousness’. Heru symbolically represents the very highest frequency of consciousness potential within the 3rd dimension. The darkness within us all is personified by Set. He’s the ant-eater headed character often seen in statue form and hieroglyphs whose personification represented our connection to the material dimension; our pleasures, fears and suffering. Set is the inspiration for Satan in the Christian perspective. It was understood that in order to evolve one’s consciousness and spiritually ascend, an individual has to first look within and make peace with their suffering. To understand it, to heal it and then integrate and morph those lessons into stepping stones that will lead one to a higher state of consciousness. This looks from the outside like unconditional self-love, mastery of one’s lower animal nature and full acceptance of one’s flaws, wounds & vulnerabilities.

Metaphorically speaking, the darkness (Set) allows the space and provides a backdrop in which the light (Heru) can grow within and discover itself. This means that our suffering is a kind-of soil in which consciousness grows and becomes self-aware and is meant to be there; it’s what encourages our spiritual awakening. This reconciliation of opposites; the polarities of ‘dark and light’ within is what the symbol ‘Heru-Set’ represents; the reconciled and evolved self.

I like to use my art to help bring public attention to perspectives and principles that are often overlooked by many in western society that help people to cultivate a deeper connection to their innermost self and our collective universal oneness. I enjoyed every single moment of making this album. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Reconciliation of Opposites and experience as much pleasure in doing so as I experienced whilst creating it.

All my love to you, friend. – Beat Mystik