#4 Omniscience


Omniscience is the fourth studio album from Beat Mystik, exploring chilled progressive beats and liquid drum & bass.



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For those who may not know, the album title means ‘a state of knowing everything’. This title was chosen to retrospectively mark a sequence of awakening experiences that I went through during a series of deep meditation sessions over a period of time.

My consciousness accidentally left my body during these events and morphed into what I perceived to be the quantum field, which profoundly changed me and my perspectives each time when I returned to my body. This so much wasn’t a place that I went to but was more of a frequency that my consciousness tuned into. An expansive web of golden light that stretched into infinity in all directions which felt like unconditional love, which may sound a little tacky but is true. Time and fear did not exist in this place and it felt more real to me then than this reality does to me now. I could see for myself that my consciousness was connected to everyone and everything by a web of energy that exists outside of our regular sensory perceptions. I felt like a leaf realising for the first time that it was connected to all of the other leaves by a vast tree. I subsequently lost my fear of death after these experiences because if my consciousness can leave my body during deep meditation then I’m confident it will leave my body when my body ceases to function. I didn’t exactly reach a state of knowing everything during those experiences, instead I reached a state of realisation where I understood that I was everything. One unified field of consciousness experiencing itself in the material universe, temporarily. That our human forms are just characters we’re playing for a little while and are not our true identities.

Many physicists believe in one unified field of consciousness; a perspective also shared by mystics for many thousands of years. It’s interesting that physicists and mystics have begun to now reach a shared understanding, especially since science has begun to research the nature of consciousness. A ‘unified field of consciousness’ means that the consciousness behind EVERYTHING in the universe, including you, me and all living beings; is actually the same entity. One consciousness interacting with itself in physical form, pretending to be divided, separate and many, when at the very deepest level; it is all one and the same. When you hear mystics and teachers say ‘we are one’, this is what they mean. Our bodies may all be separate, but our consciousness is collectively shared. Our minds just trick us into thinking that we’re all separate, which is why when we go beyond the mind with meditation practice or with certain psychedelics, we can directly experience our collective oneness. In mysticism, this vast collective consciousness is called ‘The All’ or ‘The Absolute’, being understood that it is EVERYTHING; one entity pretending to be separate from itself, playing temporarily within the 3rd dimension.

I like to use my art to help bring public attention to perspectives and principles that are often overlooked by many in western society that help people to cultivate a deeper connection to their innermost self and our collective universal oneness. I enjoyed every single moment of making this album. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Omniscience and experience as much pleasure in doing so as I experienced whilst creating it.

All my love to you, friend – Beat Mystik