#3 Mirrors & Perspectives


Mirrors & Perspectives is the third studio album from Beat Mystik, exploring chilled progressive beats and liquid drum & bass.


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It is important to remember that we do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. The mind is a kind-of lens through which we perceive and experience the physical world. You could have two people walk down the exact same street simultaneously and both have two very different experiences. If a mind is full of fear and unhealed trauma, all it will see on that street are reasons to be afraid and distrusting. If instead a mind is full of love and gratitude, it will see reasons on that street to be grateful and joyful. For this very reason, when it comes to the enjoyment of life and the cultivation of good mental health; perspective is everything.

It could be said that the people in our lives become like mirrors, reflecting back the energy and frequency of consciousness that we are emitting into the physical world. Consciousness and our reality are profoundly connected at the very deepest level, being in-fact one-and-the-same, from the mystic’s perspective that is. Our state of consciousness directly influences our daily lives more than we realise. For example, someone with a victim mindset will always attract people into their life whose negative and unkind behaviour towards them will inevitably make them a victim at some point in the story as life matches the frequency of consciousness that we project into it. This is why it’s important to heal our wounds and trauma, as it clears the mind’s lens and removes a significant amount of suffering from our lives. This clearing then allows us to see the world as it is; not as we think it is.

There’s a popular metaphorical tale that is often used within the self-development community to illustrate this perspective. It goes like this. Two dogs were observed running into a room, one after the other. The first dog came out growling with it’s teeth bared and fur standing on end. The second dog came out with it’s tail wagging and smiling. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the room the dogs went into was a hall of mirrors. The first dog carried anger in it’s heart and mind, so all it observed were a hundred angry dogs snarling back. The second dog carried love within it’s heart and mind, so it was greeted with a hundred joyful faces smiling back instead. We see what we allow ourselves to see.

Life’s mirrors can also highlight the areas of ourselves on which we need to heal. For example, we can meet those in our lives whose light burns so bright that it shows up the shadows of our own fears and insecurities for a whole variety of different reasons. In many cases, the brighter the light; the deeper the shadow it reveals. It is very important that we own this and not subconsciously attack or reject those in the community whose light hurts our eyes. It helps instead to use that uncomfortable light as an opportunity to see which wounds within us are being triggered, as they’ll be needing some healing attention if they are being agitated by the light of another. If used correctly, our triggers can be used as doorways into the unhealed wounds that are subconsciously holding us back from living a happier and more peaceful life.

This album was created during a very self-reflective time in my life where I was being invited by the universe to make some important changes; an invitation which admittedly in appeal was both exhilarating and simultaneously terrifying (as all good life-changing scenarios should be). I like to use my art to help bring public attention to perspectives and principles that are often overlooked by many in western society that help people to cultivate a deeper connection to their innermost self and our collective universal oneness. The tracks on this album poured out of me joyfully during this personally significant chapter and will always be considered sentimentally sacred by my heart; seeing them each as individual audio-postcards from a life period of intense personal growth where my perspectives were expanding at a rapid pace. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Mirrors & Perspectives and experience as much pleasure in doing so as I experienced whilst creating it.

All my love to you, friend. – Beat Mystik