Mass Awakening


Mass Awakening is the debut studio album from Beat Mystik, exploring chilled progressive beats and liquid drum & bass.

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The 2020 pandemic brought about a global Dark Night of the Soul for humanity. Intense suffering has a way of encouraging people to look-within for answers as they go about healing and rebalancing themselves after having been destroyed by the suffering. It is no coincidence that every spiritual and self-help group that I belong to online has swelled with new members during this time. As challenging as it’s been, this dark period has brought about huge shifts of consciousness for many people, who are now going in search of answers to deep questions that simply didn’t interest them before.

For me personally, 2020 will be remembered as the year of the mass awakening, as millions were slapped violently awake from the reality-dream by the intensity of their fear and pain. As uncomfortable as this process has been, it has ultimately led people to a deeper understanding of their true nature; the witnessing presence that exists underneath their pain that is unblemished by the suffering. As much as it sucks, suffering has it’s place; being considered by many mystics to be a kind-of fertiliser for the soul. You could say that connecting-within upgrades the software of our consciousness, so-to-speak and our suffering is the motivating agent that propels us forward through this unpleasant but necessary evolutionary transformation. If we weren’t first made uncomfortable by life, we’d have no absolutely reason to leave our comfort zones and make the necessary life-changes needed to consciously evolve.

The album’s title track was created to celebrate this global awakening process, as I believe it is important for artists to capture the times in which they live for the benefit of future generations. I also use my art to help bring public attention to perspectives and principles that are often overlooked by many in western society that help people to cultivate a deeper connection to their innermost self and our collective universal oneness.

I enjoyed every single moment of making this album. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Mass Awakening and experience as much pleasure in doing as I experienced whilst creating it.

All my love to you, friend. – Beat Mystik