#6 Entheogen


Entheogen is the sixth studio album from Beat Mystik, exploring chilled progressive beats and liquid drum & bass.


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An entheogen is a natural psychoactive agent used in shamanic, spiritual or consciousness exploration contexts; magic mushrooms, Peyote cactus and Ayahuasca being the most commonly used.

Entheogens may have made a huge and significant contribution to the early development of our species more than we realise, which it’s why it’s important for us to not dismiss too quickly the perspective of giving them our utmost gratitude, respect and further exploration. To our ancestors and to many in the world today, especially shamans, entheogens are considered sacred for their ability to heal emotional trauma, connect us with nature’s frequency and expand our understanding of consciousness. They are continuing to help humanity as much today as they were in the very beginning, albeit just a little differently. The ‘stoned ape’ hypothesis contributes heavily towards this perspective, forwarding the idea that our very early human ancestors had unintentional but beneficial leaps of consciousness-development through the ingestion of magic mushrooms, as they were gathering food to eat from the forest floors.

As humans we often forget that we are as much a part of nature as the trees, the oceans and the animals that inhabit the earth. Humans are just one expression of nature’s immense creativity, the universe being the most impressive and creatively abundant canvas that we know of. With us being a reflection of nature, it’s not surprising that nature has grown various entheogenic psychedelics for us to find and use all over the planet, being very much invested in humanity’s growth. Remembering that psychedelics are a highly effective tool that allow us to heal ourselves, connect with nature and expand the understanding of one’s consciousness.

It is said that consciousness sleeps in minerals, awakens in animals and becomes self-aware in humans. From the perspective of many mystics, the universe is seen as a kind-of womb in which consciousness evolves. All matter within the physical universe is made of condensed energy which has been slowed to a specific vibrational frequency, so-much-so that it feels real and solid. Another label for this ‘energy’ is consciousness, meaning that consciousness is in-fact everywhere and that humanity is just one aspect of a physical universe that is slowly becoming conscious and aware of itself. The universe is simultaneously evolving as humanity evolves because we are one-and-the-same entity at the very deepest level. Being invested in it’s own evolution, it could be said that the universe has deliberately grown entheogens to assist in it’s own awakening via a species using them to expand the borders of it’s own sentience and deepen the understanding of itself.

Consciousness being everywhere is an understanding that some within the scientific community have begun to acknowledge and explore; these studies still being in their infancy at the time of writing. It’s important to remember that mystics and shamans have known about the connection between consciousness and our physical reality for a very long time, consciousness exploration being a subject matter in which the scientific community are still playing catch-up.

Humans have been using entheogens for many thousands of years and I  foresee for many thousands more.

I like to use my art to help bring public attention to perspectives and principles that are often overlooked by many in western society that help people to cultivate a deeper connection to their innermost self and our collective universal oneness. I enjoyed every single moment of making this album. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Entheogen and experience as much pleasure in doing so as I experienced while creating it.

All my love to you, friend. – Beat Mystik