Matthew is amazing, he has provided me with significant spiritual advice and insight at various crossroads in my life. Much recommended.

Lindsey Kirkland

I have had a few tarot readings done by Matthew and both seemed to be spot on as far as the specific cards an me goes, but what stands out more about the readings was Matthews unique ability to interpret and explain the cards and turn it into useful advice or insights into myself and my journey.

Amelie Holm, Denmark

Matthew, your tarot readings made getting through the past few years so much easier, helping me through some stormy times. You restore my faith in myself, my confidence to carry on and remind me that life’s obstacles are there for a reason. I feel sometimes that the cards are a counsellor and you’re their voice, bringing their wisdom to life. I’m so thankful for you and the cards that it can’t be put into words. Much love.   X

Sarah Louise Briggs

The tarot reading blew me away, I arrived a semi-skeptic and left a full believer. Matthew was spot on. Thank you so much, the reading helped immensely.

Jonathan Wingam

Love Matthew and his tarot readings. They always lift me up and put me right back on track.

Elizabeth Knowles

What can I say? Matthew is my go-to tarot reader of choice, I absolutely love his Zen perspectives and his communication style is like audio chocolate.  His insightful and uplifting readings have got me through so many challenging & confusing times.

Amy Pelu

I always leave your readings smiling, feeling awesome and with plenty to think about. This pretty much explains why I’m a regular customer. Cheers buddy.

Andrew Vaux

Your tarot reading was without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had. Seeing you kick started a whole new life chapter for me. Thank you so much. I’ve told all of my family and friends to come see you. See you again soon.

Santina DeStrade

Seriously Matthew,  thanks for all of your incredible support. Your guidance sessions made such a massive difference during the craziest of years. You’re amazing at what you do. I feel very grateful to have bumped into you the way that we did, talk about synchronicity.

Christopher Moisely

Loved, loved, loved your Zen workshop. It has helped massively in my day to day life, even my husband has noticed a positive difference in my attitude. Thank you so much,  Matthew. Was wonderful to meet you and bask your knowledge & loveliness.

Jennifer Dunhill