Beat Mystik

Beat Mystic is the musical front of Zennesis.

It was never part of my original plan for Zennesis to include music, however I’m so grateful that it now does.

The entire project manifesting in the way that it did all came as a bit of a surprise because I’ve never been much of a musician. I can strum a few chords on a guitar but nothing more than that, or so I thought. My brother was always the musical one in the family which is why I didn’t initially foresee it being part of my original vision when I had sat down to plan Zennesis expansion. The musical side of things just kind-of happened unintentionally and then progressively snowballed from there, eventually taking on a life of it’s own.

It all began with a huge construction project in my home that took 18 months to complete instead of the estimated 4 weeks that I innocently thought it would. To save my sanity from the creative and morale demands of such a large project (which seemed to go on forever), I began experimenting with music production in the evenings during that time as a mental distraction from the challenges of the build. I quickly discovered that not only did I have an ear for looping samples but that I also really enjoyed it. When you enjoy an activity, pouring hours-and-hours into practising that pursuit to develop one’s experience enough to become proficient doesn’t feel like a chore; it is a genuine & sincere joy.

I decided early-on to include my music under the Zennesis umbrella. I wanted to use my tracks to bring attention to perspectives and principles that are often overlooked by many in western society which help people to cultivate a deeper connection to their innermost self & our collective universal oneness. This is the purpose I have chosen for myself, to use my art to help support the collective consciousness of humanity as it awakens from its long hibernation and evolves. Music has now become a part of that mission.

I was inspired by the Troubadours, who were nomadic artists, being primarily poets and musicians that travelled around Europe several hundred years ago, sharing their art with the various courts, halls and taverns they encountered. Some of them were mystics and incorporated magical knowledge discretely into their songs. The reason for this was that although they knew that the majority of people wouldn’t understand the mystic wisdom that was subtly encoded into the music and lyrics, they understood that it would instead gently resonate with a deeper aspect of people’s subconscious, planting seeds of awakening into the individual and collective psyche which would help people spiritually evolve & thus adding to the overall evolution of the collective. We all rise by lifting each other because at the deepest level, we are all one-and-the-same. The Troubadour mystics understood this, to them a song was a spell that had the power to open one’s heart allowing love to be used as a vehicle towards enlightenment. A song’s performance and delivery to a crowd would have been considered an act of graceful performance magick.

Of course, the Troubadour mystics and I live in very different times and being a nomad doesn’t really appeal to me due to the demands it can put on relationships with friends and loved ones. However, I wanted to keep their intention but change the delivery and format. I want my music to help people evolve too and by using my tracks to bring attention to mystical perspectives, I’m doing just that, albeit a little differently. My music then becomes a mystic wisdom delivery method, which will reach fresh crowds via the musical route of interest, potentially reaching new and curious folks who perhaps will resonate with the message & take it upon themselves to explore these topics further via their own research. I’d like to think that in a small way, I’m helping to keep alive the Troubadour flame in a modern and digital age. I don’t need to be nomadic to spread my encoded music to the masses, times have changed and I have the internet for that now. I’ve admittedly also exchanged the lute and colourful pantaloons for looping software and pyjamas, but the same love and intention that burned brightly in the hearts of the Troubadour mystics is the same flame that warms & motivates my own heart. We may have been separated by centuries but we’ve been united across the timelines under the banner of a common cause.

I chose the performer tag ‘Beat Mystik’ because I like self-explanatory performer names which hint at an artist’s musical flavour, so-to-speak. I didn’t want to use my civilian name as the music I produce isn’t about me, it’s about the message.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy listening to my music and experience as much pleasure in doing so as I experienced whilst creating it. Also, if any of the perspectives that I share along with them provide any kind of usefulness to you, well admittedly that’s a thought which inspires the warmest kind of smile from me.

All my love to you, friend.

– Beat Mystik

(aka Zennesis founder, Matthew James Sammut)