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Before the invention of photography, the only way for scientists to visually document their findings was to draw or paint their observations and discoveries, either themselves or by hiring an artist. Photography helped massively in developing the documentation of scientific study.

In regards to the exploration of consciousness, no technology has been invented yet that allows us to visually capture the discoveries made within the internal worlds and higher dimensions via the use of meditation and psychedelics. Like scientists before the invention of the camera, we currently rely on the talent of artists to document their adventures into the upper levels of consciousness, for them to then share their visions with the community.

As a highly effective communication method through which we can share complex perspectives and understandings, art allows us to capture snap-shots of realms beyond the physical universe. One image can elegantly deliver the same information as a thousand words.

This is why I believe visionary/psychedelic art to be so important to our often materialistic culture, as each picture is not just a postcard from beyond the mind, but is also a sign-post to metaphysical dimensions that many people have either yet to visit, or dismiss as complete nonsense. They are a reminder that the game of life is much bigger than we are led to believe, that there are many dimensional planes of existence; not just this one.

Having always been a fan of drawing, I wanted to add my own contribution of artwork to the world’s collection of mystical symbolic imagery for the simple reason that I felt compelled to do so. It is also far easier at times for me to explain the heart and soul of Zennesis using art, than any amount of words.

In exploring mysticism, I discovered symbology; being the artistic language of the mystics. It was experimenting with creating my own symbols that reawakened my passion for drawing after a ten-year art hiatus.

My art is an attempt to capture a symbolic representation of the metaphysical that will hopefully inspire its viewers to look within and ask new & deeper questions. Art can be a very powerful delivery mechanism for ideas and perspectives, especially when being used to explain huge concepts such as cosmic consciousness and spiritual principles. Art can be just as inspirational as the written word and in some cases, often more so because imagery is the language of the subconscious; the deepest part of the mind.

I would class my art as ‘symbolic, abstract and psychedelically spiritual’ in theme; my style being heavily influenced by a childhood spent reading sci-fi comics and a more recent appreciation of psychenautica.

I enjoy working in black ink, as it is a bold no-nonsense medium; primarily using fine-liners, brushes, Indian ink and photoshop. Working with a palette of black and white allows me to celebrate and effectively explore the depth of life, both its light and dark tones; the two polarities of love and fear. I often remind myself that without the darkness, we would not understand the light, so try to celebrate both in my work.

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New artwork is added to the gallery regularly.