Introduction to Zen Programme (COMING SOON)

Learn how to develop a better relationship with your life; one that promotes peace, harmony and compassion with Urban Zen’s Introduction to Zen Programme.

Using these methods and perspectives made such a positive impact on my own life; whilst simultaneously improving my mental health & overall wellbeing. My stress levels dropped considerably and I felt more at peace with myself & the world. It’s safe to say that without any shadow of doubt; Zen helped me become a happier and more contented person.

Zen is a pure state of consciousness, granting a raw experience of life beyond the reach of the mind’s fear-based filtering and over-thinking. The path to Zen is a simple and peaceful meditation-based philosophy for living that encourages us to fully immerse ourselves into the present moment, fully embracing its many shades of pleasures and pains, viewing all experience as neither good or bad; but neutral.

In Zen, we approach the world from the heart instead of the mind; that the heart and mind have equal value, but the heart should always lead. This helps enormously in cultivating a deep and lasting peace within one’s life, as the majority of our suffering is created by our doubts, insecurities, misperceptions and fears. By retraining ourselves to approach life from outside of the mind’s incessant fear-centric and chaotic over-processing, we develop a new kind of relationship with everything, including ourselves; we experience life as it was meant to be experienced.

The Introduction to Zen Programme covers everything a person needs to begin practising the art of living Zen:

  • A simple, beginner-friendly & jargon-free presentation of information
  • A comprehensive history of Zen
  • An easy-to-understand ‘what is it? & how does it work?’ approach
  • An explanation of Buddha’s Four Noble Truths
  • Advice on how to apply Zen wisdom to modern life
  • A key to understanding Zen stories
  • Unlocking the mysteries of Zen meditation
  • Zen trouble-shooting
  • Subtitles for the hearing impaired

Applying these tried-and-tested methods to your life is taking a proactive step forward into the courageous journey of self-mastery. Learning the means of cultivating deeper levels of peace is one of the greatest gifts we could ever bestow upon ourselves, as it positively effects every area of our life.