Meditation and Mindfulness Programme (COMING SOON)

Learn how to master your busy mind and cultivate deeper levels of peace with Urban Zen’s Meditation & Mindfulness Programme.

An undisciplined mind prefers to be lost in either past memories or future fantasies, whereas peace can only ever be found in the here-and-now. Mindfulness is the ongoing effort to keep one’s attention firmly anchored within the present moment; which has been proven to be a successful treatment for managing stress and anxiety, whilst simultaneously boosting focus & creativity.

Meditation is a highly effective mind-discipline exercise that has been utilised by various cultures for many thousands of years, celebrating numerous mental and physical health benefits. (Please take a peep at the meditation page for further information).

The powerful combination of both meditation and mindfulness positively transformed my mental health; calming my over-thinking and massively reducing my overall stress & anxiety levels. To this very day, making the effort to learn these techniques was the best decision I have ever made.

The Urban Zen Meditation & Mindfulness Programme includes everything an individual needs to begin learning at home:

  • A simple, beginner-friendly & jargon-free presentation of information
  • An overview of the history and benefits of meditation & mindfulness
  • The science and philosophy of meditation & mindfulness
  • Applying mindfulness to everyday life
  • Meditative breathing exercise tuition
  • Guided meditation lesson
  • Meditation troubleshooting
  • Advanced techniques for experienced meditators
  • Music track to help with relaxation
  • Subtitles for the hearing impaired

Applying these tried-and-tested methods to your life is taking a positive and proactive step forward into the courageous journey of self-mastery, as being the victim of one’s own incessant over-thinking is not a pleasant existence.

Learning the means of cultivating deeper levels of peace is one of the greatest gifts we could ever bestow upon ourselves, as it positively effects every area of our life.