What is Zennesis?

Zennesis is a practical, easy-to-understand system for mastering one’s inner and outer worlds; a modern, spiritual-development methodology that fuses together the core principles of Zen, mysticism and self-help.

This unique combination provides an effective, tried-and-tested means of creating an abundant and balanced life of peace & spiritual connectedness. It is possible to live a harmonious and spiritually conscious life whilst doing so in material comfort; one should not be mutually exclusive of the other.

Zennesis is simultaneously the social media delivery platform for my contributions to the world of visionary art and electronic music. It is my sincere hope that my creativity will help inspire all those who access it to look within and ask new & deeper questions of themselves. 

The Zennesis system has been specifically created to be beginner friendly, providing a ready-to-go toolbox of resources that support the individual in developing a better relationship with their mind, soul and external world.

Zennesis is a fresh and contemporary perspective of ancient wisdom and should not be mistaken for traditional Zen. Anyone looking for traditional Zen is advised to look elsewhere.

Zennesis teachings have been divided into three core perspectives:

1) Zen provides the methods needed to improve one’s mental health and developing one’s relationship to the inner-world of the heart, mind & soul.

2) Mysticism provides the tools and knowledge for mastering one’s relationship to the outer-world and the manifestation of material abundance. Simultaneously providing principles and perspectives that help cultivate a deeper connection to life & our place within the universe.

3) Self-Development provides the practical self-help exercises needed for the healing of emotional wounds and the cultivation of one’s self-esteem. This is necessary as our emotional wounds can act like an anchor which keeps us fastened to a lower  frequency of consciousness. In order to rise, we must first release that which weighs us down.

Zennesis resources have been broken down into topical lesson programmes covering the various aspects all three perspectives so that an individual has more choice when tailoring the kind of toolbox that would best suit their needs. 

The Tarot and Guidance services available via this website are an opportunity for an individual to embrace a direct, personalised and more intimate Zennesis experience.

For those who are new to Zen and Mysticism, here’s a brief overview:

Zen is a pure state of consciousness, granting a raw experience of life beyond the reach of the mind’s fear-based filtering and over-thinking. The path to Zen is a simple and peaceful meditation-based philosophy for living that encourages us to fully immerse ourselves into the present moment, fully embracing its many shades of pleasures and pains, viewing every experience as neither good or bad; but simply neutral.

In Zen, we approach the world from the heart instead of the mind; that the heart and mind have equal value, but the heart should always lead. This helps enormously in cultivating a deep and lasting peace within one’s life, as the majority of our suffering is created by our doubts, insecurities, misperceptions and fears. By retraining ourselves to approach life from outside of the mind’s incessant fear-centric and chaotic over-processing, we develop a new kind of relationship with everything, including ourselves; we experience life as it was meant to be experienced.   

Mysticism covers many areas of ancient knowledge, celebrating varying perspectives and philosophies. One of mysticism’s jewels is the topic of Magicka highly effective methodology that grants an individual a greater degree of control over their life and spiritual evolution. Magick provides the tools required to manifest abundance and specific experiences utilising the vast power of the subconscious mind, using techniques that originated from the mystery schools of ancient Egypt. These advanced tried-and-tested methods are far more accurate and powerful than contemporary Law of Attraction systems.

It’s possible to gain access to free Zennesis teachings and perspectives through its art, music, articles and eventual YouTube channel. For those looking for structured, step-by-step lesson programmes, there is a selection available to purchase in the shop.

Zennesis methods really work, having utterly transformed my own life for the better and the lives of many others. I feel blessed to now be at a point in my own adventure to be able to share them with you.

I do not believe in accidents or coincidence, as like the links on a chain, all moments are intricately connected via the quantum field. There has been a sequence of precise events that have led you to this exact moment. If you have read this far then it’s safe to conclude that there is a growing curiosity deep within you that is perhaps looking for something. For many people this is often a desire for answers, healing or peace. Whether you use Zennesis methods or any other, I invite you to honour the compass of your intuition by trusting its directions; it will never fail in leading you to that which you seek. Ultimately whatever style of path you choose for yourself matters not, as long as that path ventures inwards and heeds the guidance of your heart.

As the magnificent Bill Hicks wisely stated, ‘Life’s just a ride’, which it most definitely is. However, the ride can be made more peaceful and comfortable with the application of Zennesis techniques. I know this because they’ve worked for me and many others & if they’ve worked for us, they can work for you too.

Best wishes and much love to you, friend.

Matthew James Sammut

(Zennesis founder)