The Mindfulness of Extreme Sports

One of the many reasons why extreme sports are so popular is that by being dangerous, they force a person to fully immerse him or herself into the present moment.

All worrisome thoughts, painful memories and general over-thinking all melt away, as full attention is required on the activity in hand. There is no room in the mind for anything else other than the sport itself, at the risk of one’s personal safety.

In essence this is considered a form of meditation called ‘mindfulness’, it is a type of mind-discipline exercise.

Mindfulness is the practice of keeping one’s full attention in the present moment, which not only increases our enjoyment of the present but also indirectly reduces anxiety and stress levels –improving our overall wellbeing. Whilst the mind is fully engaged with the present it cannot be concerned about the future or replay moments from the past.

Mindfulness is encouraged in Zen and Buddhism, as disciplining the mind is a key focus to both spiritual paths. It is believed that the majority of our personal suffering is created by the mind. By mastering the mind we reduce our suffering, making more room for peace.

Without realising it extreme sports enthusiasts are effectively practising mindfulness meditation, which is why many begin to feel uptight and stressed if they do not get to enjoy their activity regularly; their sport is their stress management system.

Mindfulness practice can be applied to ANY activity, including sex.

Meditation doesn’t have to be boring.