Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, himself a high ranking Freemason, was well aware of the occult superstitions of the Nazi party leadership – a perspective held by occult expert and author, Lon Milo Duquette.

Churchill took the advice of the infamous occultist Alistair Crowley to be photographed holding up his fingers as a ‘V’ at every possible opportunity.

Symbology is considered the language of occultism and this ‘V’ symbolised a deflection of the swastika, itself an ancient and powerful occult symbol that the Nazi’s had taken for their logo. Being sold to the press as Churchill’s ‘V for Victory’, the ‘V’ was secretly a defiant and energy-infused ‘fuck you’ to Nazi high command, who would most definitely understand its symbolic meaning.

The Freemasons are a secretive occult organisation that utilise ancient Egyptian esoteric teachings that were brought to the west via the Knights Templar after the end of the Crusades.

Occult means ‘hidden knowledge’ and essentially covers two areas of understanding: spiritual development and controlling reality with the power of the subconscious mind.

Using this knowledge is how the Knights Templar became so powerful and wealthy in such a short space of time. Unfortunately, occult knowledge is currently used for generating power and riches more than for development of the soul.

Many people in the highest echelons of our society belong to one of many occult organisations: the Freemasons being the largest and most well known.