Age of the Psychopath

Capitalism’s economic hierarchy system and structure has evolved over thousands of years to a point where it is now so tainted with villainy due to its vulnerability to corruption that the very worst of our species has risen to the top through centuries of financial bullying, shady deals, backstabbing, bribes and blackmail; that over time has granted certain families, corporations and their business allies positions of great influence & power.

It is an unsettling fact that these unscrupulous individuals with power and wealth at the top of the financial pyramid influence the quality of life of everyone else below.

Democracy does not work when it is money that steers a nation over the will of the people. It is not right that these morally corrupt individuals are making such financially self-serving decisions at the cost of great suffering to millions; indirectly guiding the precious ship of our future onto dangerous and jagged rocks for nothing more than their own gain. 

Capitalism demands infinite growth on a planet with finite resources. It is a system which exhausts and drains people whilst simultaneously destroying the environment on which we all depend for survival, just so the 1% at the top of the pyramid can live in luxury. Let us be honest here and admit that it is only the top 1% who truly benefit from the capitalistic system, everyone else is merely economic wage-slaves propping up those at the pyramid’s peak.

Whether we like it or not capitalism has given birth to the age of the psychopath. A psychopath is someone whose brain has developed without the software of empathy or a connection to their emotions. They are exceptionally self-serving, not caring who they hurt or damage in acquiring whatever it is they desire – which is often money and power. Most are not violent but many are viciously ambitious. In essence a psychopath has no conscience and will do anything at any cost to further their own agenda. For the record only a small percentage of psychopaths turn out to be murderers, despite how they are portrayed on-screen. 

Psychopaths do not process emotions in the same way that everyone else does, as they have almost no connection to the majority of feelings that belong to the human experience. Because of this friendships and relationships prove challenging to a psychopath as the emotional drive that fuels these pursuits is uniquely absent. Psychopaths have to fake the portrayal of the feelings required for any kind of relationship in order to fit in. Without this effort on their part they would appear cold, robotic, cruel, distant and uncaring – leading to the subsequent failure of that connection and their potential discovery. Fake friendships and romances are the social disguises of a psychopath, allowing them to appear normal and remain undetected.

Relationships of any kind are a necessary inconvenience to them, rather than a meaningful pursuit.

For the record many psychopaths have been documented as having exceptionally high levels of intelligence, which they need for their own survival, as it requires a sharp mind for them to accurately mimic emotional queues and responses. They do this to remain hidden in plain sight as the label of ‘psychopath’ adds zero merits to career paths and relationships, ultimately preventing them from achieving their goals. It is in their best interests to remain undiscovered.

They do not find the pursuit of love or happiness appealing. They instead find the acquiring of wealth and power to be thrilling, investing their time, effort and energy into attaining as much of it as possible.

Due to this, banks, corporations and the political centres of every country are rife with psychopaths, as they are drawn to the money and power hierarchies of these institutions like wasps to a beer garden. 

Many people project their own healthy perspective of conscience and morality onto the corporations and establishments of the world – refusing to believe the dark rumours of their unscrupulous behaviour are even possible, and expecting psychopaths to approach and process life as they do. However, the proof is in the pudding, when I hear of the insidious decisions being made by the various governments and corporations around the world, I acknowledge with great sadness that such behaviour is to be expected from those without a conscience. Their very actions give them away.

Psychopaths being in charge of each country’s political and economic infrastructure are what have led our world to its current state. Environmental protection laws for example, are overruled by psychopathic corporate leadership paying off psychopathic legal decision makers. People are more interested in their own financial gain than safeguarding our species’ habitat for the collective well being of us all and for future generations to come.

Expecting a psychopath in a role of influence to care about the well being of the collective is utterly futile as their minds simply don’t have the capacity for that type of leadership. Would you expect a shark to care about the feelings of the surfer whose perky wetsuit-covered-buttocks it just had for a light, chewy mid-afternoon snack?

Their reckless, selfish and short-term profiteering is condemning our species and the planet to a slow oblivion.

Wars are the most profitable of all capitalist business ventures; generated revenue is in the billions. Psychopathic political leaders have no problem steering a country towards war in order to generate vast amounts of wealth for themselves and their business associates, thanks to their shares in weapons manufacturing. Lacking empathy, they care not for the unbelievable level of monstrous suffering, destruction and loss of life that war generates as long as they benefit from it. This is why the Western world is always involved in one conflict or another; war is forever perpetuated by the establishment to safeguard a steady stream of weapon sales. Peace will never be attainable whilst psychopaths are in positions of political influence and when there is money to be made from the sale of arms.

Also, being in positions of political governance allows a psychopath a certain level of protection from the legal consequences of satiating their obsession with power: this includes sexual power over others, which can often manifest as sadism and paedophilia. Numerous legal charges of paedophilia and sexual violence have been made against many within political circles over the years but the cases always seem to disappear, never seeing the inside of a courtroom. When a legal system is so corrupt that money and power guarantee innocence and legal immunity, that legal system has proven itself to be a sham and broken from the inside-out.

The power structure and hierarchy of the capitalistic system is a playground and economic step ladder for psychopaths, as those with no conscience have zero problems stepping over others to further their own agenda and fill their pockets.

I share this perspective not to sadden you, the reader, but to bring attention to a topic that is often overlooked. The first stage of overcoming any problem is to first acknowledge that the problem even exists.

I honestly believe that all aspects of life are cyclical, not just the planetary seasons. That everyone and everything has its day. Psychopaths are currently riding the crest of their time, but thankfully it will be temporary. Everything in life is temporary, including every chapter of our culture’s history as well as each and every one of us. A dark and vicious winter will always break with the arrival of the spring, and the age of the psychopath will be no different. Their time will have an eventual end.

So what can we do in the meantime to counteract the unpleasant backlash of their tyrannical leadership?

Here are a few suggestions…

  1. Avoid mainstream news and newspapers. The psychopathic establishments of the world have no conscience, so use the mainstream media to coerce and manipulate public opinion via a non-stop conveyor belt of fear-inducing propaganda. News broadcasts deliver biased and agenda-driven information, programming the public as to how they should think and repetitively reminding everyone to be afraid of everything. A frightened populace is easier to disempower and control, hence the employment of this tactic. Also scared people make better consumers, as happy people don’t spend money. Keep their corporation-friendly, agenda laden perspective of the world out of your mind by steering clear of their news sources and not allowing yourself to get pulled into their manipulative mind-games.
  2. Avoid advertising, commercials and infomercials. Capitalistic consumer marketing utilises powerful and highly effective techniques based on the manipulation of personal fears. Empower yourself to make clear and decisive purchase decisions that have not been tainted or influenced by the subtle effects of advertising. Do this by steering clear of watching, reading or listening to any kind of marketing; keeping those dark mind-games away from your life as much as possible.
  3. Vote with your money. Choose to keep your money in a bank that doesn’t profit from shares in weapons manufacturing.  Choose to shop with companies that stand by ethical principles. Just because psychopaths have no conscience, doesn’t free us from the responsibility of answering to our own. Giving our money to unscrupulous corporations adds to their wealth and power.
  4. Self realisation. The establishment benefits from our passiveness and gullibility. By actively working on our own self-realisation (connecting with our soul) we strengthen our minds and deepen our connection to one another. This helps keep us from being manipulated by their divisive and fear inducing agenda, simultaneously adding our deepening love and wisdom to the world. We may not have the power to ultimately change the political and corporate status quo… but we DO have the power to steer the destiny of our collective consciousness.
  5. Safeguard your morale and positive outlook. It is important to not allow the current state of the world to affect our positivity and hope, as the world needs our optimism and love now more than ever. On a personal level, humans tend to develop the most when faced with a crisis; I believe it to be the same at the species level. This crazy time will one day make sense, as it will lead to huge leaps in our collective evolution as we overcome this dark chapter together and climb back towards the light. We cannot always control what happens in life, but we can control the way in which we respond.
  6. Vote for a politician that stands for the collective, not just the wealthy few. These politicians are admittedly rare but when one does stand for office give them a chance with your vote. We must remember though that the political system cannot solve the very issue that it helped create. True democracy cannot exist alongside an economic system due to its extreme vulnerability to corruption. With this in mind, it is also safe to assume that psychopaths will never vote away their own riches, power-base or luxurious lives; to believe that they will is naive.

I believe great change is on the horizon for our culture, as life has a way of governing and balancing its books without any input from humanity. I foresee the political world ultimately destroying itself by the hands of its own toxicity. A fire, regardless of its size and savagery, will always eventually burn itself out.

The good news is that no storm lasts forever, including storms of psychopathy.

Whilst we wait for this storm to blow over, let us connect within and use this uncomfortable time as an opportunity to develop ourselves. Winter is always the best time for self-realisation work; the darkness encourages introspection and healing. It is whilst lost in darkness that we go looking for the light.

We beat them by rising above them.