This Conversation Took Place Earlier…

“Show me the soul”, he said. “Show me scientific data, photographs and peer reviews of its existence”.

“Prove to me that love exists”, I replied. “Show me scientific data and peer reviews. I want you to photograph and capture love so that it can be studied. I want to see photographs of the love that you feel for your family and friends. I want you to measure and quantify in a laboratory, the amount of love that you have for your children.

I don’t want microscopic pictures of your serotonin, oxytocin or dopamine levels. I want actual pictures and evidence of your love. Show me this emotion that you say you feel. Until I see this evidence and data, I will not believe that love exists or that you feel any for the people in your life, as you say you do.

Just because we have yet to invent machinery that allows us to see and measure the soul, doesn’t mean that it is not there.

We cannot see love but we have all felt its incredible power, even scientists. Love has inspired breathtaking acts of loyalty, bravery, romance, survival, resilience and sacrifice throughout the history of our species, along with great masterpieces of art and music.

Love is more than just a hormone cocktail… and consciousness is more than just brain software.”